Tuesday, March 22, 2011

SOLD - Preloved Ergo Performance baby carrier: EUC - SOLD


Ergo Performance baby carrier.

- Belongs to my sister, a SAHM who lives in Sidney
- Bought in Sidney in early December 2010
- Brought to Malaysia when the family had a vacation Dec 2010 - Jan 2011
- Upon arriving home at Sidney on 30th Jan, only then my sister realized that she forgetfully left it at our mom's home
- Now she'll make do with other carriers she already have back there and want this to be sold to Malaysian moms.

Selling for RM350 not including postage. Email khadijahwmg - at - gmail - dot - com or 019-two-1-six-3430 if interested and to view closed-up pictures.

Delivery options:
- COD at UKM or Bandar Baru Bangi or surrounding area
- Pos Malaysia, Poslaju or Nationwide Express (you will be notified on the delivery charge).

Here's what my sister wrote:

Hello! Here is a chance to own the latest in ergo baby carrier line – Performance Ergo Carrier in spring green! Bought in Dec 2010 and was gently used for 2 months only, this is the best baby carrier I ever own (I have 4)! Regrettably, this carrier was accidently left in Malaysia when I returned overseas, hence this sale. I choose this carrier because it is the most suitable for Malaysian climate as it has soft mesh at the bottom to promote air circulation, its open designed as opposed to pouch so air can travel more freely to prevent baby getting too hot while in the carrier. Other advantages:
  • ·         Supports baby in 3 positions – front, hip, and back.
  • ·         Adjustable shoulder and chest straps support varying adult heights, from 4’9” to 6’5”.  I am petite 4’10’’ and I wear this very comfortably unlike other European or American carriers that are more suitable for larger size users
  • ·         The shoulder straps are comfort-contoured, unlike other ergo which are bulky with sponges, this Performance Ergo has thin straps and therefore more comfortable to the wearer.
  • ·         Sleeping hood is tucked neatly in the zippered compartment when not used, so its more neat and tidy looking
  • ·         Chest strap on strider – easy to adjust up or down to your comfort and if need to switch user.
  • ·         Baby weight is distributed equally, I have worn this for more than 2 hours without any back / shoulder pain / discomfort! Very good for travelling.
You can read all about the specification on http://www.ergobabycarriers.com/babycarriers/item/BCP32300/ , the above are just some personal experience.  As this was bought overseas I do not have the box or instruction with the carrier.  Instructions to use are widely available on the website or go to youtube, here’s some:

Additional note:
  • ·         For sale is the carrier only – other accessories eg. H2h baby insert, instruction, box are not included. Therefore it is recommended to use with baby over 4 months AND able to support his/her back unless you have the H2H insert.
  • ·         Item condition is gently used – purchased in Dec 2010, used only up to end Jan 2011. Clean and no damage.
  • ·         Item bought original from authorised retailer in Australia.
  • ·         The price is fixed, please do not ask for further discount. Postage expenses to be paid by the buyer.
  • ·         Please carefully study the instruction to use from the website and youtube, and practise on a teddy bear first before you use it with your baby.  As with other carrier, mishandling may result in injury or fall. Ensure you and baby are in a safe place or even better, near a bed / sofa for the first few times trying this on, until you are confident to handle this anywhere else.  Ensure baby is supported while putting the carrier on / buckling etc.  Although this is by far the easiest to use of all carriers I ever found, always practice safety precautions J
  • ·         Please feel free to contact me at mgm1605@yahoo.com should you have any queries relating to the carrier.
  • ·         Item location: Bandar Baru Bangi. 
  • SOLD

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